2017 Seminar Testimonials

What an amazing accepting group to be a part of...I am so lucky to have landed here during the infancy stage of my store. The knowledge and relationships I am gaining and building are priceless! And this is only the first day, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Malissa Parrott-Stahnke ~ P.S. I Love U, Red Wing, MN
Today was awwweesome! Meeting some of you in the next phase of building my business has been a great experience. I am looking forward to getting to know more of you and developing relationships. Thank you for sharing you wealth of knowledge can't wait till tomorrow.

Jo Davis ~ Park Avenue Bridal, Orange Park, FL

So THANKFUL I took the leap to join BBG...met so many incredible people that are so special in so many ways...the encouragement & knowledge at this seminar are beyond words.  The most important gift I rec’d these past days is being part of this group & being at this event...life & business game changer AND most importantly I must Thank Jenn Walker for introducing me to BBG & now sharing her Mom Kathy Walker with me!

Cindy Lopez ~ Rella by Cindy, Oak Creek, WI

We had an awesome time at the BBG!! 😍 A big thank you to all of you that worked so hard to put this together!! We have learned so much over the years with all of you and met so many great people!! A special thank you to all of the presenters! You people are all rock stars! We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Every year we can't wait to get home to start putting all these new ideas to use! 

Amy DeLeo ~ Mimi's Bridal, Sullivan, MO

Thank you bbg for pushing me to be a better leader, a better friend, a better business woman, a better stylist, a better marketer, a better HR department. I’m thankful for the people that devote their time to make this happen, I’m so thankful for the great friends I’ve gained and bounce ideas off of or just letting me vent!!  Thank you!! ❤️

Laura Wingfield ~ Twirl, Kenton, OH

2016 Seminar Testimonials
I would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you for an amazing seminar.

To have had the opportunity to learn so much makes me forever grateful.

I feel so blessed to belong to this community. Miss all of you already. 

Let's have a phenomenal November and December, by implementing all the wonderful ideas that were shared.

Love to All.

Elodia Adamson ~ Bridal Novias, El Paso, TX

Thank you so much to these amazing store owners for the countless hours, headaches they endured and phenomenal opportunities that they placed before us at the BBG conference! 

I loved the panel discussion (thank you Leecy!) and learning more about how things work from the mfrs. end. I saw this as a huge step for our industry as never before have mfrs. and retailers sat in the same room and had a discussion. BBG is innovating and creating a bridge for a healthier industry. I am so happy about this development!

After missing several years of conference, I am so glad that I attended this year. I spent many hours talking to the mfrs. that attended and really learning what it takes from their end. It is an amazing group that came out and supported us this year. 

Thank you Danelle & Michelle especially for carrying forward this organization. I am sorry that I did not get to see Jon and honor him in person. Maybe we can talk him into coming next year and see what you have done!

Robin Garrison ~ I Do Bridal, Seattle, WA

I see this seminar as my own B 12 shot, a boost in the arm. When I am starting to drag at the store, or business is slow, coming and just being around other store owners reinvigorates me to come home and find real purpose and energy again...and implement new ideas!

Dori Samanka ~ Trousseaux, DuBois, PA


I am still looking over everything I learned. Oh my gosh what an amazing seminar. Thank you to everyone involved it was nice to see everyone show their heart and soul in this industry. Can't wait for next years seminar to be revealed!!!
Sign me up.

Linda Taylor ~ Taylor's Bridal, Elmira, Ontario, Canada


Back to the river and rolling hills of home. Thank you for another wonderful BBG Annual Conference! My notebook is brimming with good information, as is Grace's. We had lots of conversation on the long drive home about what to do first (at least 8 things!) We are feeling confident and excited about the lovely gowns and lingerie and sumptuous sashes we ordered at BBG for our store. Thank you for making such an informative set of seminar topics, and for the great vendors, and most of all for the fellowship. We truly are stronger together.

Jacqui ~ The Guilded Gown, Knoxville, TN

I want to say thank you to all the ladies that take time away from their families and their business' to plan this marvelous conference! We had such an awesome time and only wish we could have stayed longer. Love this awesome group of shop owners!

Pamela ~ Bombshell Bridal, St. Clair Shores, MI


2015 Seminar Testimonials

Kudos to the Planning Committee who did an AWESOME job (as always) in the planning of this wonderful Conference. The location was beautiful. Weather turned out to be glorious.

So grateful for the Vendors who were so gracious - making providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Loved the fashion show. So much better to see dresses on a body than just hanging on a hanger.

All Speakers were inspiring, encouraging and educational. I am so glad that we ended the Conference with Wendy reminding us of the reality that there is a human side of the Business we are in that we shouldn't forget. Her and her husband's singing performance so touched my heart at the end.

This conference reminded me of what I still need to adjust and/or implement -- pricing, inventory, sales training, branding, upselling, learned more on how to make a gown fit perfect, and sooo much more.

Really enjoyed seeing everyone again and making new friends. It truly felt like a family reunion. That's what makes it so special.

If you missed the Conference this year, please start planning to attend next year -- you won't regret it. The Conferences keep getting better and better.

Thank you Leecy, Michelle, Jeanne, Megan, Danelle and others who worked so hard to make our Conference possible. Can't wait for next year!!

Frances Reed ~ Distinct Elegance, Cedar Hill, Texas

NO ONE (that I know of) gets tired of hearing "Thank You" too many times. With that in mind, I'll add the THANK YOUs of spouse and myself to this list of awed and appreciative conference 'benefactors.' We were all blown away by the presenters and steering committee of this event.

The Committee's efforts always top the previous years' efforts, and 2015 is no exception. Somehow they always exceed perfection, which they did (again) this year.

Jon and Robin, we (and a lot of other attendees) missed your presence. I did get our BBG pins, though, but it's just not the same as seeing the two of you in person.
RIck King ~ A Bridal World, Raleigh, North Carolina
Thank you all for an amazing conference! If changes are made, you will see a difference. I always bring back ideas to make more money and working together with competitors is a great way for all of us to do that. I'm working on bridal packages now and I'm hoping all of the stores will follow suit.

Thanks for all of the hard work! It is greatly appreciated.

Carol Riney ~ Bellas Bridal & Formal, Birmingham, Alabama

What a great conference! Best I have ever attended. The topics were great and the private lines such a bonus. Kudoos to the girls for all their hard work It showed and we were the beneficiary of it.

Diane Cheatham ~ Diane's Formal Affair, Jasper, Alabama

2014 Seminar Testimonials

What a great conference! I have attended all but 1 (family health issues) and every year I learn something. Well worth the trip. The committee did a great job this year. Knowing first hand what it takes to put this together I must say great job! Here is to a great 2015! Thanks for your time putting this together.

Kim ~ Lily's Bridal, Baltimore, Maryland

Great seminar. The ones that got it together are appreciated and did exceptional.

The companies that sponsored the lunches and dinners did a great job. Food was wonderful.

I have attended 8 of the conferences and always learn some things to take home with me.

Again thanks to all.

Carolyn ~ Litton's Uptown, Big Stone Gap, Virginia


I really couldn't say enough about the presenters and the precision of the schedule, the flow, the content, the prizes, the food, the people, the everything.

Each year, I learn something new to put into practice and the trick is not overwhelming myself or my staff with the zillions of ideas I got!

Angie ~ Bridal Gallery, Salem, Oregon


Thank you so much to the planning committee. The conference was wonderful and I learned so much. The resort did an amazing job, the food was great. My thanks to the Vendors that sponsored meals and to the volunteers that presented fantastic programs.

Brenda ~ Normans Jewelry and Bridal Shoppe, Lebanon, Missouri


Just wanted to say I thought the seminar overall was fabulous! Thank you to the team who set it all up. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication. Also to the store owners that spoke; thank you! I learned a lot and wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Thank you all again!

Marjorie ~ Bridal Boutique, Platteville, Wisconsin


I am so grateful for all the hard work that went into this years seminar. You made it look easy, but all of us know (and appreciate!) the time and dedication you put in. Heartfelt thanks to all if you who were involved in making this a wonderful event. I can't wait to get back to start using everything I learned.

Yvonne ~ Bridal Gallery by Yvonne, Albany, New York


Kudos to the planning committee. Very well organized, great location and the speakers did an awesome job.

Can't wait to implement what I learned!

Frances ~ Distinct Elegance, Cedar Hill, Texas


I am not sure words can express the gratitude we have for this event. The organizers were so professional in their presentations and the time of commitments made are so appreciated. It is so good to see such warm individuals willing to share their knowledge with each of us. I have always lived by the motto of I would like to be an extension of you and not a competitor, and this seminar really fit with that. Thank you Ladies, for all your time and dedication.

I am so excited about implementing things, and I have to say I left feeling pretty secure with a plan.

Cyndi ~ Impressions Bridal, Concord, North Carolina


2013 Seminar Testimonials

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. The team of wonderful people who put this seminar together all I can say is WOW!!!! Incredible job. This has been the most educational seminar I have attended.

It was so wonderful to hear from retailers who are in the trenches like the rest of us.
I also loved the seminar being the beginning of November I think this will give me more time to get all my new ideas in place for when all the brides start their shopping in the busy January season.

Linda ~ Taylor's Bridal, Elmira, Ontario, Canada
TOTALLY FABULOUS!!!! Thanks to everyone that helped to put this together and to all of the wonderful speakers and to Jon! You guys are so amazing and I always thought I would like to offer my assistance to the committee but I couldn't figure out how you had any time to work on the seminar (assuming you all worked like I do....in my business 24/7 but not necessarily on it and always behind). Well after listening to so many smart women I am seeing what I have been doing wrong and why I never have any time other than work.
I have taken away so many things that I have learned this year and of course wanting to start and finish them all only to end up not getting any of them completed like before.

So on the flight home I have started with 3 topics to complete and then have my other top 3 to 6 more to get thru by the next convention.
Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and enthusiasm you have given me!
Laurie ~ Day Dream Bridal, The Woodlands, Texas
Thank you all for a wonderful seminar! Brian and I will definitely be back next year! This was our first time attending and we are glad we did!!! Every session was packed full of great information. It was like getting 3 years worth of BBG in 3 days! If you did not attend this year make plans to attend next year, it is worth it!
Tasha ~ Occasions House of Bridal, Camp Springs, Maryland
This was my third seminar and by far the best! The speakers were all amazing! The wealth of knowledge in one room is priceless. Before flying out I was definitely down in the dumps. I am now re-energized and ready to take on new ideas and not take any crap from employees.
Thank you to everyone involved in organizing this event. Thank you Jon for starting BBG!
Now, off to creating systems!
Jeanny ~ Bridal Solutions, Kansas City, Missouri
This seminar was fantastic! I know that we all have so much going on in our lives that it makes it really hard to physically get away from it sometimes. But if you can't attend, the reason should never be financial. What I have learned from the seminar will pay for the trip 10 fold. I can honestly say that I took away something from each and every speaker!
I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who was so warm and kind to me. I was a newbie this year and it really meant a lot to me.
Thank you to the committee members for such a well organized event. And a special "Thank You" to Jon and Robin for opening up your beautiful home to us.
Cheryl ~ Forever Formals, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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